Our highest goal - customer satisfaction!

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers, not only to meet their wishes and requirements, but to exceed them by also implementing unspoken requirements for a product or service.

Company History

The company WeiDiTec GmbH was founded in February 2021 as a spin-off division of the company digital workbench gmbh. In detail, the vehicle technology and Developmental Services area was outsourced.

Just a few months after the company was founded, a suitable property was found in Ingolstadt in the district Etting, which was renovated, prepared and we finally moved on site in May 2021 together with the help of many volunteers and colleagues.

After moving and renovation created more space for development, the team was strengthened in the areas of vehicle technology and administration.

Due to increasing requirements and a new, extensive project in the area of Developmental Services, a big part of the upper floor of the new company headquarters was expanded to create space for up to 11 additional employees.

WeiDiTec is celebrating its first anniversary with an optimistic view of the future. Since the company was founded, the number of employees has more than doubled, new space has been created for evolvement and additional enhancements, processes and systems have been improved and various investments have been made to make our work even more efficient and to further improve the quality of our own products and work processes!

In order to be well prepared for the future and new tasks, work began on expanding the second half of the upper floor in July 2022. A new room is going to be prepared for additional working places including a isolated server-room which is meeting TISAX-standards.

The team is growing! In order to be able to handle larger projects and improve reliability and so on, the team was gradually expanded over the year 2022.

Cheers! Based on the idea of one employee and the commitment of all colleagues, a small “beer garden” was opened on the company premises. Under a large chestnut tree on the company site, the entire area was prepared and equipped with wooden furniture, which serves as a meeting place for the entire staff during breaks and celebrations.

In order to meet our own quality standards and those of our customers, the company was successfully certified by Dekra in September 2022 according to the quality management ISO 9001:2015.

Since the beginning of March, an Volkswagen ID.3 is expanding WeiDiTec's vehicle fleet as our first, all-electric car.

WeiDiTec is celebrating its second anniversary! Over the last year, the company building was expanded again, adapted and optimized to our needs. At the same time, with the implementation of ISO 9001:2015, the quality standard was raised and the competitiveness increased. In order to handle larger projects and challenges, the team was gradually expanded.

WeiDiTec has grown significantly in the past two years. Due to this growth and the associated requirements, it was necessary to adapt the management level. Stefan Brosig was appointed as an additional managing director. As deputy to the management, he had insights into the business development and order situation of WeiDiTec directly from the start.

In order to meet both the quality and safety requirements of the automotive industry, it was decided at the beginning of the year that the company should be certified according to the high TISAX standard. The official kick-off took place in June 2023 and is scheduled to be completed with final certification within the first quarter of 2024!

The ISO 9001:2015 quality standard has been implemented within the company for almost one year now. In July 2023, this standard was rechecked by Dekra again.

The ISO 9001:2015 quality standard has been implemented within the company for almost two years now. In June 2024, this standard was rechecked by Dekra again.

What our employees say

is at least as important to us as a small, family-oriented company! Satisfaction and fun at work are the foundation for our quality standards.

Facts & Numbers

2 Company directors
14 Internal employees
1 External employees
4 Working student

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